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Best Beat Machine For Hip Hop Reviews 2021

Hip Hop is a musical art form which burst into the limelight in the early 70s. This form of art was a revolutionary sense of music compared to the blues, rock and jazz that was put out in that time, so here we have top 5 best beat machine for hip hop. 

The Hip Hops scene till this day is a very misjudged piece of art and have people shamming it for reasons, but even with that said the popularity that the genre has brought cannot be compared by any other genre available till today. 

Not only does hip hop make a good revenue out of it’s sales but the evolution of hip hop throughout the years has shown the reach of this art form. From classics like N.W.A, Rakim and NAS to the current mix of Drake and Eminem this art form has always been positive on the audience with it’s beats that were catchy and at the same time hard hitting. 

For young artists that want to pursue hip hop it is very important they understand the know the beats and how to produce them.

Check out the top 5 list of Best Beat Machine For Hip Hop as well as Best Cable Machine For Home Gym.

Image Product Feature Price
Top Pick
Korg Volca
Compact size, battery-powered operation, and built-in speaker for enjoyment anywhere. Check On Amazon
Alesis SR-16
A Studio Icon - Legendary classic drum machine for songwriters, live perform-ers and remix engineers. Check On Amazon
PreSonus ATOM
Produce, play virtual instruments, and trigger samples and loops with unsurpassed expressiveness and flexibility. Check On Amazon
Akai Professional MPC Studio Black
Reimagined aesthetics: New rugged design with black brushed aluminium body and refined aluminium data dial. Check On Amazon
Native Instruments Maschine
Smart Strip for strumming notes, pitch bending sounds, performing with FX, and more.Crosstalk L/R : -96 dB. Check On Amazon

Here are the “Best Beat Machine For Hip Hop” :

This device from KORG is basically made for hip hop as the product revolves around the production of Bass lines for songs, any hip hop fan or artist is familiar as to how important the bass line is on a hip hop track. 

With 16-step sequencers and 8 memory patches this machine is able to provide an individual with a lot of space to work with and at the same time with a lot of different sound tracks and beats. 

Furthermore the device comes with three analogue oscillators which allows the artist to sample and render his or her songs before getting on with their final production. To keep the pitch of the vocals in check the machine also offers a self tuning factor while the device is also easy to use on the move as it is portable and the same time comes with in built speakers . 

Lastly this device comes for a price of $ 189.98.

  • Easy editing controls.
  • Comes with great output with in built speakers.
  • Is good mostly for bass lines only.

This device from ALESIS is a classic beat machine which to the fullest works best with drum beats. The device comes with already stored sounds to give the beginner an understanding of as to how one can use various beats to his or her benefit. 

The device has almost 233 professional sounds stored with additional built-in digital effects for an added sense of originality. The device is connected through an MIDI connectivity cable which allows it to be supportable with keyboards, computers and electronic drum kits. 

The product also offers an assembly of options which gives the beginner an understanding of the music with features such as reverb, sound stacking, ambience and step editing being few of them which allow the user to experience and learn by him or herself. 

All of this comes available for a price of $134.88

  • Helps the user learn with experience with options such a reverb and step editing.
  • It might take some time to adjust to the controls.
  • Output may not be as great.

This device from PreSonus is a classic device which helps the user produce beats and melodies as desired. The device helps the user play around with vocals and instruments which can be added to the pad, with that one can chose to make samples and create loops which are flexible and help the user express his designs and ideas. 

The pads are ultra sensitive and offers the user with an extensive amount of ideas and ways to put his or her ideas into actions. The pad is also easy to carry around and is powered by a USB which can easily be connected with the users laptop too. 

There are a total of 16 pads and each comes with their own amplifier and filter controls which help the user understand the kind of music that he or she wants to produce and gives them an experience which helps them understand the art better. 

The pad comes available for a price of $ 149.95.

  • Sensitive pads.
  • USB powered.
  • The user needs to get familiar with the board before making top notch productions.

Another product from AKAI PROFESSIONALS this particular MPC pad beat maker is a great product for beginners who are looking for a product that will continue to be useful as they grow as individuals too. 

The device firstly is portable and can be carried around easily with your laptop, with a capability of sequencing 128 produced tracks this device allows the user to experiment his or her beats and rhythms. The device offers the user with a real time stretching which allows the user to work on his beats and understand the importance of dynamism in production. 

With 16 sensitive pads the device offers a great note repeat and full level controls which help the user to get an understanding of as how the beat can be sequenced and formed in different variations. The MPC on this device can be extended and with sounds already being included like bass, leads and effects the user gets an already existing scheme of sounds to work with before trying his or her own. 

All available for a price of $512.64.

  • Helps the user grow into it and understand the ways of production.
  • Sensitive pads offer full control.
  • Expensive.

This device from Native Instruments might be the most expensive one from the lot but is so for all the good reasons. This device comes with an already provided software which allows the user to sample, arrange, FX and mix for starters with a lot more added features too. 

The device is also more visual with color screens making it easier to sort out the samples and create rhythms and melodies. The provided smart strip on this machine helps you bend sounds and create own FX to give the user more options to work with and one of the Best Beat Machine For Hip Hop in this price.

Finally the machine also offers more creative layouts and hands on experience all for a reasonable price of $649.00.

  • User friendly interface.
  • Helps create justified beats with Smart strip.
  • Expensive.

Best Buy

From all of the products mentioned above the one which best fits the title of “ Best Beat Machine For Hip Hop” is the one from Native Instruments, yes it might be a tad more expensive than the rest but the device offers all the features that suit a hip hop artist. 

From creating your own FX to an integrated software which allows arranging and mixing this device offers the best.

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